About human cities


Build a better shared urban future by putting people first.

Great cities foster human relationships and social inclusion. The Human Cities Initiative takes a whole systems approach to the research and practice of sustainable cities. We identify urbanization challenges at different stages of development and support human-centered technological, policy, and design strategies that address those challenges. We develop and practice ethical approaches, using frameworks that are inclusive (for many) and participatory (by many), and striving to benefit diverse human communities.

Our goal is to create a platform to share best practices, theoretical frameworks, and practical strategies to advance a human cities framework of sustainability. We nurture an interdisciplinary community of faculty, students, and community stakeholders based in mutual reciprocity and humility. We aim to embody an ethic of creativity, social commitment, and intention in the pursuit of research and real world applications.

The Human Cities Initiative is based in the Program on Urban Studies at Stanford University.

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