There were five teams of Winning Finalists who presented their innovative ideas at the challenge in March. In alphabetical order:

"ArtsUp" by Andrea Carafa and Harrison Glotman uses the power of the web to connect artists and musicians with hosts who are eager to open their homes to performances. Their platform and mobile app facilitates opportunities for the public to enjoy culture and enlivens our cities through grassroots art and music.

"Cap, Tap and Trade" by Isaiah Smith and Sienna White encourages cities seeking long-term sustainability of water resources to cap and auction water use to fund community grants, which are decided on by local citizens.

"Future Loo: Vegetable Toiletscapes" by Geena Chen and KK Aoki Izu combines a clean, sanitary restroom experience for citizens on the street, with pollution-fighting, water-saving vegetation (and composting facilities) to create a memorable, well-designed, and pleasant public toilet.

"Greening the Underground" by Maria Doerr and Sage Voorhees brings lush greenery and sustainable hydroponics to underground transit spaces—improving the experience of commuters and increasing the appeal (and smell) of subways.

"WePlay" by Ashley Kim, Esha Maiti and Mat Wojtasek, a playground run on 100% renewable energy that encourages social interaction, youth creativity, and healthier lifestyles for urban dwellers.