Global Lessons To Local Action: Using Design Thinking to Craft Better Urban Toolkits

Join us for a collaborative workshop that will stretch your creativity and tap into your experience with cities! Generate new ideas and give input on how organizations can craft actionable tools to use when we return home from Quito to aid our communities in tackling urban challenges.

To operationalize the New Urban Agenda, how can we assist local actors in devising effective, appropriate, and creative solutions to their day-to-day challenges? The broad values promoted at international summits can be made more personal and relatable to practitioners through the thoughtful design of practical toolkits.

our central question:

what makes a useful urban toolkit?

WE NEED YOU! Make your voice heard! HABITAT III offers a crucial opportunity to harness the brainpower and ingenuity of numerous practitioners from cities around the globe to help answer this question.

Open to all urbanists—practitioners, scholars, advocates, and policy-makers. The organizers will craft a summary of workshop outcomes to share with participants following the conference.


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DATE & Time

Monday, 17 October 2016 from 9:30-10:30 AM


R18 at the HABITAT III Venue. Casa de la Cultura. Avenida 6 de Diciembre, Quito, Ecuador.


Participate in this “advocacy‐toaction” session to discuss local challenges and jointly craft recommendations for how toolkits can better “localize” international best practices. The event includes case studies and interactive workshop activities, using design thinking strategies developed through the Stanford 

Facilitated by Stanford University instructors who have used design thinking to tackle urban issues around the globe, in collaboration with scholars and expert practitioners from the Sustasis Foundation and the International Climate Development Institute (ICDI). Featuring speakers from SDSN Youth.

Questions? Contact Kevin Hsu and Caroline Nowacki


Official UN HABITAT listing here