Urban Sustainability Expo | SPRING 2014

Cross-Cultural Collaboration 10:30 AM - 12 PM

Trade stories and ideas with other Stanford faculty whose courses center on international collaboration. We will collectively generate a set of "promising practices" based on the group's experiences, as we strive to improve courses that cross borders and cultures—for students, faculty, and community partners alike.

Urban Sustainability Expo - 12-5 PM (Location: Y2E2 Red Atrium)

View urban sustainability projects jointly created by teams from Stanford and Tsinghua University. Issues include promoting walking and walkable streets, disseminating air pollution data to the public, facilitating energy-efficient green trucking practices, and re-imagining the youth hostel experience. (View detailed project descriptions).

The exhibits will remain in the atrium throughout Friday, but the live interaction with student teams will conclude at 1:30 PM.

Service-Learning Workshop Round Robin in cooperation with the Center on Teaching & Learning - 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM (Location: Y2E2 101)

Current participants present their proposed courses in a round-robin format, and workshop alumni from previous quarters will talk about the integration of service learning in current courses. An informal presentation of successes and lessons learned.

Design Showcase: Urban Sustainability & Student Reflections on Service Learning - 3 PM - 5 PM  (Location: Y2E2 299)

Teams from Stanford and Tsinghua University present their final projects created for the International Urbanization Seminar (URBANST145) and reflect on the service-learning experience. View project descriptions here. A valuable opportunity for faculty to learn from those closest to the service-learning process—the students themselves.