Just Placemaking 2016-2017: Arts and Community Development Towards an Equitable City

Just PlacemakingArts and Community Development Towards an Equitable City features speakers whose work focuses on supporting grassroots and artistic practices that advance an equitable city. We will discuss the arts as potential agents to advance creativity without sacrificing inclusiveness. We will also explore the tensions between the human city as an ideal and as a messy and often contentious process of becoming one. What strategies have been employed in the arts to advance social justice? Who should or will ultimately be served by these artistic creations and processes? What are possible methods of evaluating these outcomes? How is it possible to meet the four pillars of sustainability - defined as environmental protection, economic vitality, social equity, and cultural continuity - and what are the tradeoffs and choices that arise in becoming a "human city" that is inclusive and participatory?
Our speakers will discuss the Albany Bulb public park project in the East Bay, a former landfill site that housed artwork and a homeless population until their eviction in 2014, spurring debate about the role of environmental conservation and social equity; to the Central Market/Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco in which the tech startup economy is both a source of investment and displacement pressures to the impoverished households and arts and service organizations that call this place home; and finally, to New York City’s Chinatown, a neighborhood that is leveraging artistic processes to address gentrification and displacement.

Just PlacemakingArts and Community Development Towards an Equitable City events are open to all members of the Stanford community and the general public. All sessions will take place Thursdays from 12 noon to 2 pm.