humancities@NYC: Explorations of the smart city



In November 2016, practitioners, researchers, and students will convene at Human Cities NYC to explore the smart city within the context of New York City and the Human Cities framework. Workshop participants will examine the role of technology and participatory design to leverage a human-centered and equitable city.

Drawing from the theme, Leveraging Technology and Design for Smarter Urban Mobility, we will draw from diverse perspectives from the public, private and non-profit sectors to address the opportunities and limitations of the smart city, as well as pathways to leverage its potential for the betterment of all New Yorkers.

By learning from practitioners’ and developers’ experiences, workshop participants will meet new colleagues and collaborators from across New York City, gain insights into the opportunities and challenges of urban development in various neighborhoods and explore a framework to advance the human city in the local context.

Human Cities Challenge

Stanford and other NYC-based university students will participate in the Human Cities Challenge, an intensive 72-hour studio experience where they will collaborate with local government officials, private sector, non-profit organizations, and university partners to explore a human-centered approach to the development of smart cities.

This challenge involves interdisciplinary teams of students who will use guidelines developed by various organizations involved in pursuing a smarter New York, the Human Cities framework, and a set of fieldwork strategies to develop and pitch a feasible concept that can be implemented at the project site in the next 12-16 months. The challenge will involve an introduction to the opportunity site on Day 1, in-depth field observations and interviews on Day 2, and a final showcase where students pitch their concept on Day 3.

Final deliverables from the Human Cities NYC challenge will be compiled in a publication and will be part of a four-part series involving Beijing, New York, and two other cities in the world.

Human Cities@NYC is sponsored by the Stanford Human Cities Initiative and Program on Urban Studies with support from Stanford in New York.